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Apr 26 2007
PBnJ Developed Open Source Software Print E-mail
Written by Paul Winkeler   
Thursday, 26 April 2007

In the course of its consulting work PBnJ Solutions always tries to build its solutions in the form of a general purpose frame-work deployed to fit each customer's needs. In doing so we are committed to making these general purpose tools and frame-works available to the public under as free and open a license as our customers allow.

Currently there are two areas in which tools are published:

The most recent addition to our list of tools is a utility called gscfg to create Grandstream VoIP phone configuration files.

The first of these frame-works to be released in this fashion consisted of a set of PERL modules collectively called NBU. They are used to query and manipulate a Veritas NetBackup environment. Several useful sample scripts are included as well. For example:

  • history.pl
    A script that lists the backup history for a given NetBackup client.
  • js.pl
    Patterned after the Unix standard "ps", js.pl lists the currently running NetBackup jobs and optionally the completed ones as well.
Complete information on the Perl NBU Modules as well as how to obtain your own copy can be had here.
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